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City Manager  

The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City.  He is appointed by the City Council and carries out the policies set by the Council.  The City Manager coordinates and directs City activities and controls the employment of all other City employees.  The City Manager is responsible for preparing and utilizing the City budget after it is approved by the City Council as well as making professional recommendations to help the Council develop policy. 

Joe M. Allbaugh, Interim City Manager

Mr. Joe M. Allbaugh is President and Chief Executive Officer of Allbaugh International Group, LLC. Mr. Allbaugh is widely recognized and admired, both in the government and private sectors, for his leadership, integrity and strategic management skills.  He has established relationships with decision makers throughout the Middle East and Africa.  Additionally, Mr. Allbaugh sustains important relationships with elected representatives, at the state and national levels, with agency officials and business leadership.

In February 2001, Mr. Allbaugh was nominated by President George W. Bush to head the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  On February 14, 2001, he was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate and sworn in soon after.  As Director, he was responsible for the nation’s response and assistance efforts to emergencies and natural disasters.

Seven months later, Director Allbaugh led the federal government’s response to the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Shanksville, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon.  Living in lower Manhattan for more than six months through the response, recovery and clean-up phases, the Director managed more than 10,000 employees, with a cost of well over $11 billion dollars. The intricate and sensitive clean-up phase was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.  Director Allbaugh was a founding member of the President’s Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Prior to his service as Director of FEMA, Mr. Allbaugh was the National Campaign Manager for the Bush-Cheney 2000 presidential campaign.  He served as Chief of Staff to Governor George W. Bush after successfully managing Governor Bush’s 1994 gubernatorial campaign in Texas.

Today, Mr. Allbaugh is applying his vast knowledge, expertise and skills to provide emergency and disaster preparedness, strategic counsel and security services to both public and private entities.  Whether it is protecting oil & gas pipelines, offshore platforms, seaport and airport security design, Mr. Allbaugh leads his team of experts with the latest proven procedures and state of the art technology.

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