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News Release  

News Release
Code Enforcement
Jim Inmon
Code Enforcement Officer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 10, 2009


Questions are always being asked if someone needs a permit for certain jobs. Permits are required for almost all types of construction. The purpose for the permits is so to ensure compliance with current codes and ordinances and for the health, safety and welfare of our citizens. It is the responsibility of the citizens to call for the work to be inspected. 

Permits shall be purchased before any work starts on a project. This requirement is to make certain that all codes, ordinances and setback requirements are met.  The city has specific requirements to be met when putting in new driveways, carports and fences. It is important that everyone knows these requirements before the work begins. Failure to comply with the requirement of obtaining a permit can result in a citation being issued against you, with a fine up to $200, along with a court order to have certain items such as fences, carports and driveways removed if not in compliance with city ordinance.

The following is a cost list for certain permits. Building permits are ten cents per square foot with an additional charge of thirty dollars for inspection of work. Permits for fences, carports, driveways, sidewalks, portable buildings and above ground swimming pools is a flat fee of twenty five dollars. In addition, the city has specific requirements for approaches on new driveways which must be followed.

Plumbing permits are a fee of ten dollars for the inspection plus four dollars per opening. When installing a new gas, water or sewer line the ditch must be left open so the new line can be inspected before being covered. When the alley is opened up to install a new sewer line, the contractor and property owner are responsible for putting the alley back in the same condition it was before the work. If it is not done properly, over time this area will settle which creates even more problems. If settlement occurs, the contractor and property owner will be notified to make the needed repairs.

Electrical permits are ten dollars per inspection . There is also an additional charge of seven dollars and fifty cents for up to fifteen openings. When doing wiring, the work must be inspected before being covered up. If walls are covered before the inspections are done, the requirement is for the wall covering to be removed so it can be inspected.

If anyone has a complaint they would like to report they may do so by calling 363-0300 or by visiting the city’s website at and reporting the complaint online.

Code Enforcement Office
221 W. Blackwell
Blackwell, OK 74631

Jim Inmon, Code Enforcement Officer

Administration:  580 363-0300
Fax:  580 363-0324


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