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News Release  

News Release
Code Enforcement
Jim Inmon
Emergency Management Director

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - December 16, 2008

Citizens in the Blackwell and Kay County areas should be aware of a possible scam targeting those people affected by the September flood.  State officials have reported that a person, identifying themselves with a badge, is contacting flood victims and requesting that they complete a survey which includes vital personal information.  In return for the completion of the survey, flood victims are being paid fifty dollars.

Currently, no government agencies; local, state or federal, are involved in collecting information from flood victims.  If you are approached by a person requesting information in the form of a survey, please contact the Blackwell Police Department at (580) 363-5490 or the Kay County Sheriff at (580) 362-2517.

Thank you,

Jim Inmon
Emergency Management Director
City of Blackwell


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Jim Inmon, Emergency Management Director

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