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Blackwell Police Department  

The Police Department, with approximately 25 employees, protects and serves the community from criminal activity by enforcing city, state and federal laws.  The department keeps the peace, apprehends criminals and helps prepare cases for prosecution. 

Fred LeValley, Chief of Police
The Police Department has various branches and positions of responsibility.  Fred LeValley is the Police Chief and he is assisted in running the department by Deputy Chief Dewayne Wood.  The department has a detectives division, under the direction of Detective Jay Brewer, a K-9 division in the charge of Officer John Mitchell, a traffic division with Patrol Commander Delton Woods at the helm, an Animal Control division led by John Gerian and Sgt. Ty Owens serves as our School Resource Officer.  The Police Department also has officers that make up a drug enforcement task team. 

Fred LeValley, with over 39 years experience in law enforcement, became chief of the Blackwell Police Department in 2003 after having served as chief with another jurisdiction for over 11 years.  He began his career with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Police Department Mission Statement
The mission of the Blackwell Police Department is to protect and serve and preserve the peace for all who live or work in, as well as those who travel through, our City, and in so doing, to make a meaningful contribution to the quality of life in our community.  As we endeavor to accomplish our mission, we acknowledge the following.

The Blackwell Police Department was formed and now exists because of the City and Community we serve.  We are a police organization of professionals committed to providing the highest level of police service in a positive and sensitive manner and all people regardless of their walk or stature in life with no regards to race, creed or standing in the community.

We know the value of human life and the dignity of all people and treat those all with fairness, compassion and respect.  We recognize the importance of working together, as a department to maintain a work environment that consist of trust, faith, respect and support from all.

We wear our uniform with great pride and realize it is a symbol of public trust.  We realize it is important in serving our Community to maintain public confidence.  We are committed to the Citizens of Blackwell and hope to create a mutual trust where we all work together in the prevention of crime and solving mutual concerns and create a safe and secure community.

We know that the test of police efficiency is the absence of criminal disorder.  We strive for the excellence of respect and integrity in working for this Community.  Cooperation from this Community each day to work with us for the betterment of Blackwell, will make our mission possible.

Police Department Vision Statement
We want the Blackwell Police Department to work with the community to create a common goal.  This goal would be to have respect for human dignity and a safe and respected community to live in an raise our families.


Dewayne Wood, Deputy Chief
Jay Brewer, Detective
Delton Woods,
Patrol Commander


Blackwell Police Department
224 W. Blackwell
Blackwell, OK 74631

Fred LeValley, Police Chief
Dewayne Wood, Deputy Police Chief

Administration:  580 363-5490
Fax:  580 363-1375


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