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Utility Department  


Your electric meter records, carefully and accurately, the amount of electricity that enters your home. The City of Blackwell reads your meter every month. Many customers like to keep a close check on their electric usage.

The meter measures the electricity flowing through it and then records this flow in the numbers on its dials. Here are some basic tips to help you read your electric meter.

  • The pointer on our electric dial moves in the same direction of the numbers.
  • When a pointer is between numbers, always read the smaller number.
  • The number value is determined by the dial to the immediate right.

  • The pointer above seems to have reached 4. To be sure, check the dial to the right. If the pointer here is zero or beyond, then the pointer of the previous dial is indeed registering the number in question. In this case, 4 is the correct reading for the left dial and 1 is the right dial reading.
  • A complete cycle of each dial causes the pointer of the next dial to the left to advance from one number to the next. It's similar to your car's odometer.
  • Record the readings on the dials of your meter in the same order that the dials appear on your meter (from left to right). Otherwise, your reading will be incorrect.


Utility Department
221 W. Blackwell
Blackwell, OK 74631

Office:  580 363-7200
Fax:  580 363-3091

Utility Office Hours:
Monday - Friday  8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Note:  The cashier window closes at 4:30 pm daily.


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