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Visit Blackwell  

Citizens and Honored Guests,

On behalf of Blackwell and the City Council, welcome to America’s Hometown. Blackwell truly is a great place to live, work and raise a family. A city of great churches, schools and businesses, and of course, our greatest resource is the people who live here! Known for its hospitality and friendly people, Blackwell makes our visitors feel welcome and right at home.

Blackwell was founded during the historic Land Run of 1893, and grew quickly. Located in the heart of the Chickaskia River Valley in northern Kay County, our prime geographic location offers many advantages. Along the Interstate 35 corridor, we offer easy access to several major metro areas, making Blackwell an ideal area to locate.

Quality of life is just another great feature of Blackwell. The Top of Oklahoma Museum located in the historic Electric Park Pavilion, the Memorial Pool Complex, Blackwell’s Public Library, the Southwest Cupid Softball Complex, Morgan Field, city parks, and our nine-hole municipal golf course help make our quality of life second to none. Our close proximity to Kaw Lake offers abundant hunting, fishing, camping and boating.

Join us as we embrace the challenges of the new era we are entering; as we rekindle the pioneering spirit demonstrated by the early settlers and our forefathers; and reach out and foster new friendships, new business opportunities, and a vision for the future.

I invite every citizen to join me and the City Council in meeting the positive challenges with a spirit of unity and commitment to make Blackwell the best we can be. I extend an invitation to our visitors and guests to come join us, as we are proud to have you as part of America’s Hometown.

Max Wirtz, Mayor

City of Blackwell



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