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Blackwell Treatment Facilities  

Blackwell Treatment Facilities maintains the City’s water and wastewater facilities.  The department provides proper maintenance of water storage facilities and all wastewater issues.  The department has the responsibility of environmental compliance, safety, and providing safe, sanitary methods of providing water and disposing of wastewater. 

Mr. Franus Darian Tomkiewicz
Project Manager,
Veolia Water North America

If you're driving down 1st street and wonder why the sky seems a little bluer on these gray cloudy days... it's probably the reflections of our freshly painted water towers!



Blackwell Treatment Facilities
220 E. Lawrence
Blackwell, OK 74631

Water Plan:  580 363-1177
Lines / Distribution / Plumbing Inspections:  580 363-2121
Maintenance:  580 363-3537

After Hours Call Out (Police Department):  580 363-5490


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