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  • A weather message from Blackwell Public Power.
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  • Election Map [view here]
  • Fairgrounds & EXPO Building Plans [view here]
  • 2015 Annual Water Quality Report [read more]
  • Click here to view the Petition Audit Report - Released June 5, 2015 for July 1, 2011 through July 31, 2014.
  • BLACKWELL PRIDE COMMITTEE: The Blackwell Pride Committee is formed of Pastors and Chaplin Core. It is to benefit anyone who owns their home in Blackwell and needs some assistance paying for paint, shingles or handicap ramps, etc. It is a grant made possible by the City of Blackwell. Please send your name, phone number and an estimated cost with your request to: The City of Blackwell, Attention: Pride Committee, PO Box 350, Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631.
Sign-up today for free local neighborhood public safety and community alerts and advisories by text message, email, or web. [nixle]
Bill PayONLINE BILL PAY: Deposits and Reconnects 
can not be made online. To make a deposit or pay  a reconnect fee contact a Service representative. [pay here]
OMPAOMPA : A state government agency, created in 1981 to provide wholesale electricity to cities and towns that own their electric systems. OMPA currently serves 37 municipals in Oklahoma. [ompa]

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