Red Carpet Country rolls out for visitors, welcoming them into Oklahoma in the form of the I-35 Tourism Information Center just before reaching the Blackwell exit.

Beautifully remodeled and reopened, the Information Center offers complimentary travel guides and brochures and offers a gift shop containing books on Oklahoma’s Native American history, pioneering history, and more ranging from spooky urban legends to grandiose architecture to the western way of life.

The Oklahoma Tourism logo’s radiant colors adorn a darkened wood structure of the state, welcoming travelers in the form of a new gigantic attraction, with an outdoor seating area placed around a monument to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC)’s Oklahoma Fishing Trail, which contains over 177 species of fish and more shoreline than the east and gulf coast combined. Kaw Lake is just a cast away!

“The project was started in October and just finished in January,” said Peggy Malson, who works in the Information Center, “the new ‘Welcome to Oklahoma’ sign and the fishing one outside have really attracted people, tourists are stopping for selfies and having a blast. We love to see them.”

Maps and memories.

Be prepared for Oklahoma with brochures, books, guides, and more…

Featured on, the Tourist Information Center has a wide selection of guide books, brochures, and information about the wonders of Oklahoma including the annual travel guides, lake guides, and more as well as gift shop.