Blackwell City Council is composed of a mayor and four council members in Wards designated 1 through 4. All council positions are elected at-large for three-year terms by qualified voters within the City limits of Blackwell.

Under the provisions of the City Charter, and subject only to the limitations imposed by the Oklahoma constitution, State Law, and City Charter, the City Council enacts local legislation, adopts the annual operating budget, and sets policy.

The Mayor and Council appoint a professional City Manager to carry out the day-to-day operations of City government.

Regular City Council meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of each month at Blackwell City Hall. Meetings start at 6:00 pm. All City Council meetings are open to the public.

Mayor: TJ Greenfield
Ward 1: Richard Braden
Ward 2/Vice Mayor: Jon Webb
Ward 3: Tom Beliel
Ward 4: Steve Marquardt

City of Blackwell
PO Box 350
Blackwell, OK 74631

Administration: 580.363.7250
Fax: 580.363.5527

TJ Greenfield
TJ Greenfield became the City Mayor in May of 2016, before that he was a City Councilman over Ward 4 from April of 2015. As a City Councilman TJ feels he is responsible for seeing that the city is financially stable while providing the necessary capital improvements to the Utilities, Streets, Parks, Public Safety and general wellbeing to ensure a great quality of life for the citizens of Blackwell.

Greenfield was born in Blackwell on January, 24 1979. He has lived in Blackwell all his life. He grew up attending Blackwell Schools and graduated in 1997. 

TJ has always been self-employed and operates various businesses including Greenfield Lawn & Landscape (1995-2007), G&C Concrete (2005- Current), Splash N Dash Car Wash (2003-Current), Southside Spirits (2011-Current) and Greenfield Services (2007-Current). 

He also serves on the following boards of Blackwell Community Foundation, Blackwell Area Chamber of Commerce, Blackwell Local Development Act Review Committee & Blackwell Public Trust Authority. 
TJ married Nicki Buesing on May, 23 2011. They have one daughter, Tatum Greenfield & enjoying spending their free time outdoors & with family.

Richard Braden
Richard Huston Braden was elected to the City Council for Blackwell, Oklahoma. He serves as Councilman over Ward 1.

In 1992 I moved from Phoenix, Arizona, where I grew up, to Blackwell to work for my cousin in a local landscaping business. Soon after moving to Blackwell I met Lori Cooper and began attending Oklahoma State University. When my cousin left the landscaping company and moved out of state, I focused on school and work. My part time jobs included working at Ken's Auto, Domino's Pizza and helping my future father-in-law, Richard Cooper, in his roofing business. 

In 1995 Lori and I married and moved in to our first home on West Blackwell. In 1997, our daughter Madalyn was born, and I graduated from Oklahoma State University. With OSU behind me I started working for Keathly's Nursery in Ponca City doing everything from digging holes, operating equipment, driving a tree spade and designing landscapes. After almost 5 years with Keathly's, I decided to work closer to home and became a Real Estate Appraiser in 2002. In 2004 Lori, Madalyn and I made a move to the home that my grandfather built in the 1950's. In 2005 another child James Cooper Braden was born. 

Although I didn’t grow up in Blackwell, I was raised with a strong sense of Blackwell as a community of fine people dedicated to making their town an outstanding place to live. My great grandparents, Harry and Kittie Huston and H.S. and Pauline Gurley, raised seven children here. My grandparents and my mother were raised in Blackwell. When I married Lori, I added the Coopers, Richard and Barbara, to my family and their history of our town. I am proud of this legacy. 

Blackwell has become my home and given me a family, new friendships and a connection to my family history. I grew up in a large city, but after living in Blackwell for the last 23 years, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I want to live here and raise my family. All of these things have driven me to become an active member of the community. I am currently serving on the City Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment. I play an active role with my children and am currently the Treasurer for the Blackwell Baseball Association. 

I offer my talents, my dedication and my ability to work hard to the job of city commissioner. I believe I can be a positive bridge from old to new. I have worked hard as a manual laborer, digging hundreds of holes and pouring tar on new roofs. I’ve delivered pizza door to door. On the other hand, I have supervised large landscaping jobs, and I have my own business as a real estate appraiser in Blackwell. All kinds of people from all walks of life have helped me. I am willing and able to return the support, kindnesses, experience and sense of community that the people of Blackwell have given to me. The job as city commissioner will give me that chance. 


• Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

• Landscape Contractor 

• Drawing Site Plans and Landscape Plans (landscape design; drawing plans and construction documents; understanding of architectural plans and specs; dealing with city zoning and requirements in regards to landscape plantings within residential and commercial areas; dealt with state guidelines and specs on highway planting projects.)

• Bidding and Managing Residential to Large Scale Landscape Jobs (included grading and drainage; irrigation; hardscape construction; Project Manager of landscaping for OSU Student Housing; involved bidding project; scheduling sub-contractors; billing project; understanding of construction projects)

• State of Oklahoma Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser (appraising residential, income producing properties and light commercial properties; deal with new construction and cost of construction; deal with environmental issues and how they can affect property values; deal with factors that influence property values every day; deal with zoning issues and codes and how properties conform)

• Operating Large Equipment (skid steers; tree spades; backhoe; understanding of how things operate and what they can do)

• Worked with Father-in-Law Hot Roofing

• Past Employment as an Auto and Motorcycle Mechanic (understanding of equipment and what is necessary for upkeep and repairing)

All these qualifications are beneficial in dealing with many aspects of what a commissioner will face.

Jon Webb
Jon Webb was elected to the City Council for Blackwell, Oklahoma in April, 2013. He serves as Councilman over Ward 2. Jon is serving his second term.

He was raised in Blackwell, graduating with the class of 1961. Later he attended one year at Okmulgee Tech, then joined the U.S. Navy for 4 years. After discharge he worked overseas for Philco-Ford.

Coming back to further his education he attended NOC from 1969 to 1971. There he met and married his wife Marsha. He hired on with Xerox Corp, after graduation working for them for 23 years. He took an early retirement and helped Marsha operate Webb Cleaning for a few years. Opportunity came to buy the lock shop in 2004 which he currently runs.

Jon is the father of 3 children, Christa Short of Cushing (with 5 grandchildren), Adam Webb of Owasso (with 1 grandchild) and David Webb of Blackwell (with 4 grandchildren).

Tom Beliel

Steve Marquardt
I was born in Blackwell on 6/13/1952 and have lived here my entire life. I attended St. Joseph Catholic School from Kindergarten to 6th Grade, attended Blackwell Junior High School and graduated from Blackwell High School in 1970. I attended two years at Northern Oklahoma Junior College. While in college,

I went to work for Blackwell Steel Products as a fabricator and welder. Once Blackwell Steel Products was sold, I went to work in Ponca City as a welder for Gruner Williams (which then became Smith Tool a division of SII) and worked there for 24 1/2 yrs. Was then head hunted for a company in Wellington, KS named Marconi which produced airplane parts for all the majors such as Boeing, Cessna, Spirit, Raytheon. I then was head hunted to work as a Non Destructive Technician for Fiore Technical Services (contracted to Conoco as a Safety Inspector).  In August 2006, I joined Pioneer Tech Center as a Coordinator in the Business and Industry Division. My influence in industry has lead me to work toward commerce and economics for Kay County. I retired in July 2015 from Pioneer Tech Center. I have served as a member of the Blackwell Industrial Authority and now serve as City Councilman for Ward 4. I have a passion for our community to succeed and hope to bring more families and jobs to Blackwell.

 In September 1976 I married my best friend and partner, Cheryl Harvey, who was also born and raised in Blackwell. We have been married for 40 years and have a son, Gavin, who graduated from BHS in 2002 and currently lives and works in Edmond.
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