Main Street Grant Rebate Information:

The City of Blackwell is committed to supporting a vibrant business community in Blackwell to help small business owners attract, retain and grow their businesses. One way to achieve these goals is with a storefront that is aesthetically appealing to customers and community members. This program provides Grant Rebates to property and business owners in defined commercial areas on Main Street in the City of Blackwell to stimulate development, improve the visual image of properties and foster community pride. Grant Rebate recipients are limited to one Grant Rebate per year.

Funding for the Grant Rebates will come from the Blackwell Public Trust. Applicants are not required to match the Grant Rebate in any way, but having additional funds in their budget will only improve or enhance their Project.

Projects should have a positive financial impact on the City of Blackwell, ideally adding value to our community as well as the Applicant’s business

Ineligible Applicants and ineligible Uses for the Grant Rebate Program:

  • General government expenses
  • Political activities
  • Residential purposes
  • New construction projects
  • Projects and Expenses incurred prior to the Application and award of the Grant Rebate
  • Administrative costs and/or staff salaries or pay
  • Elected officials and employees of the City of Blackwell, and their immediate family members
  • Government entities or government-affiliated entities
  • Any activity prohibited by local ordinance, state law or federal law

City Retains the Right to Terminate the Grant Rebate Program Due to unknown or unforeseen economic conditions, legal issues or other factors that may take place, or if the MSBG is removed from the budget, the City of Blackwell retains the right to modify, amend, suspend or even terminate the Grant Rebate program subject to the continuance of contracted Grant Rebates previously awarded and in effect at that time.

Eligible Project Ideas:

  •  Exterior building facade upgrades including replacement or repairs to awnings or the roof, painting, landscaping, and lighting of the business workplace to improve outward appearance.
  • Advertising and marketing expenses designed to attract and draw Customers to the business, which attach to the business property.

Project Information:

Please be prepared to describe details about your project including:

  •  A business plan summarizing how the funds will be used
  • A detailed budget of your total budget
  • A project timeline
  • An explanation on how your project, and how the City of Blackwell, will benefit from you receiving the Grant Rebate
  • An explanation of any involvement by the City should be included (do you need input from any of our city departments?)

    Please provide as much pre-planning information and details about your project to demonstrate how you have thought through your Project concept.City Holds the Right of Final Inspection.

    The City of Blackwell may require a final inspection of your Project prior to awarding final acceptance and reimbursement of the Grant Rebate proceeds to the Applicant. Application Agreement Required

    If you are awarded a Grant Rebate, you will be required to sign an Application Agreement with the City of Blackwell.

    For more information, please contact the City of Blackwell at:



    221 W. Blackwell Ave.,
    Blackwell, OK 74631

    Eligibility of Applicants:

    • Applicants must be property owners or receive signed approval from the property owners if they are tenants.
    • Tenants must have three years remaining on their current lease.
    • Buildings must have been built at least five years prior to applicant’s requesting Grant Rebate;
    • Applicants must not owe outstanding property taxes, fees, judgments or liens to the City and have current business licensing (if applicable);
    • Applicants must have a current insurance policy on the property.
    • Applicants must include a project budget with their Grant Rebate Application;
    • One Grant Rebate submission is allowed per location each year based on the anniversary date of the completion of the previous project, although award of another grant is not a given;
    • Improvements must remain in place and be maintained in good order for five years including abatement of vandalism and graffiti. If improvements are not maintained, the City may seek full reimbursement at its discretion;
    • Applicants must submit the Grant Rebate Application and all other required documentation to the City Manager for the City of Blackwell’s Main Street Beautification Program.
    • Applicants will have one year from the date their Grant Rebate is approved to complete their project for which their Grant Rebate Application is submitted.
    • To obtain final Grant Rebate reimbursement, Applicant must submit all paid invoices, receipts, purchase orders and a final cost worksheet. graph