Parks & Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Department oversees the parks, swimming pools and little league/youth sports. Currently offered for the youth of Blackwell are 7 sports: baseball, softball, football, soccer and basketball, youth cheerleading, and wrestling. There are seven parks that the City maintains. The city pool is also available for recreation to citizens of all ages.

City of Blackwell
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Blackwell, OK 74631

Administration: (580) 363-7250
Fax: (580) 363-5527


Memorial Park

1400 South Main St

Featuring 2 Interactive Soccer Walls “SUTU”, allow is fun for all ages! Download the App today and compete around the world! Swimmers and picnic-goers flock to this beautiful park and Olympic-sized pool annually. Among other things the park offers an official beach volleyball court, double tennis court, lighted public skate park with various structures and front door access to the Blackwell Youth Center.

The Youth Center is often the host to youth activities and dances on Friday and Saturday nights and is the sponsor of many local teen group organizations. There is also a Skate Park located in the southeast corner of Memorial Park this designated skate area is open dawn to dusk year round.



B Street Baseball Complex

Sponsored by the Blackwell Baseball Association, Blackwell’s little league baseball season runs from April to July annually. Programs from T-Ball thru the 13 year old age group are offered. The B Street Baseball Complex hosts the local games and offers 5 fields and a concession stand. They also host 2 Open Tournaments: Blackwell Spring Open Tournament and the Snow Glenny Open Tournament.


Southwest Cupid Softball Complex

South 21st Street

Sponsored by the Blackwell Softball Association, Blackwell’s little league softball season runs from April to June annually. Programs from T-Ball thru the 11 year old age group are offered. The Southwest Cupid Softball Complex hosts the local games and offers 4 fields and a full concession.


Bagby Park

400 Southwest Blvd.

Surrounded by rock bottomed creeks. This picturesque little park is located in the heart of Blackwell. What this park lacks in size it makes up for in it’s quaint setting. New playground equipment is flanked by picnic tables. Bagby also offers close proximity parking.


Beatty Rodgers Park

200 South 3rd Street

A unique park, Beatty Rodgers sets just east of Blackwell’s old railroad depot and tracks. It proudly displays a vintage Santa Fe three car train complete with engine for park goers to view. Beatty Rodgers Park also has playground equipment, picnic tables and a small pavilion. As well as one of Blackwell’s first Basketball Court.


Legion Park

400 South Legion Drive.

Legion Park’s large pavilion area and picnic tables make it a perfect place to hold your annual family reunion or birthday party. It offers one of the City’s largest playground areas with plenty of parking, restroom facilities, walking trails, a basketball court and a beach volleyball court.


Riverside Park

400 South E Street

If healthy living is what your after, head on over to Riverside Park. Here you’ll find a half mile walking trail, playground equipment for the kids, a baseball/softball practice field, and a three city block wide area of open park lawn where you can spread out and play. Riverside also offers picnic tables, benches and a covered pavilion/stage area.

Trapp Park

900 North 8th Street.

This small neighbourhood park is perfect for relaxation and a little peace and quiet. It offers a playground area and slide.


Zack Harris/Strickland Park

1000 South 10th Street.

This neighborhood park is perfect for picnics, relaxation, and family fun. The North end of the park offers a playground area where children can play and have fun. It also offers a backstop for friendly softball games and a basketball court for shooting hoops. The South end of the park offers a covered picnic area surrounded by lots of trees as well as a wide open grassy area.